Most software solutions mandate an upgrade. These upgrades consume staff and systems resources which can block for other value adding projects. Axxsys’ Upgrade Service helps our clients to be more efficient and with less dependencies on key people and business users involvement.

The first time the process is used, benefits are gained by having a better understanding of the way the system is used in a business context. This will lead to better testing coverage, reduce unnecessary testing and provide justification on why each test case is implemented.

The long-term benefits of Axxsys Upgrade Service is the continuity it creates, since our clients don’t have to start from scratch at every upgrade. Test cases may be re-used in future testing, and technology and business users can utilise the same set of test cases. All test cases are based on scenarios previously processed by the client.

Benefits by using Axxsys’ Upgrade Service:

  • You will lower the cost and time of upgrades
  • Achieving sign-off is easy as the justification for the testing is defined and transparent
  • Axxsys’ approach can be tailored to the clients needs
  • Independent consultancy providing upgrade service