Technology Strategy

Across the industry, new regulatory pressures and evolving business models are putting pressure on the IT organisations to both increase efficiency and support innovation and the rapidly evolving business strategies. Potentially one of the greatest areas of opportunity for any financial firm is the alignment of the technology strategy and architecture with the operating model and business needs. The technology strategy and IT operating model should be key components of the firm’s Target Operating Model.

The service is offered across the industry including Asset Management, Wealth Management, Insurance Companies, Pension funds and Capital Markets. We work with the client to create a Technology Blueprint which will set the future direction for the IT function for the key IT areas, such as infrastructure, application, integration, service, innovation and sourcing strategy.

By leveraging Axxsys Axxelerators™ and our business and technology expertise, we can help our client’s ensure their technology strategy will meet the future needs for an agile, comprehensive, value-creating, cost-efficient and solid IT-platform.