Axxsys takes a top-down approach converting management visions to sustainable solutions. Each client is unique, but we leverage our experience, Axxelerators and  proven methodology when working with clients on defining the business and technology strategy. At the heart of our strategic services is our Target Operating Model (TOM) framework where we assist our clients in defining the high-level blueprint describing organisation, operational processes and technology. The aim is to allow the client to understand how people, processes and technology creates value and how to redesign the operating model to optimise the business.

The TOM helps the firm to achieve its strategic vision, serving as the road map and reference framework to manage the change programme, helping to set direction, track progress and ensure that any changes and initiatives are aligned with the overall strategy.

Axxsys Target Operating Model Service is offered across the industry including Asset Management, Wealth Management, Insurance companies, Pension Funds and Capital Markets.