Requirements & Modelling

Axxsys Business Requirements Collection Service is driven by Axxsys Axxelerators™, incorporating standard business requirement methodology, guidelines, templates and tools. Our standard 5-step methodology begins with the Discovery phase where the requirements are gathered through a series of workshops and one-on-one meetings with stakeholders and SMEs. Following this Analysis, the results of the Discovery phase are taken and formed into coherent requirements in-line with the organisation structure. Documentation of the requirements including exceptions and current pain points is undertaken from the Analysis. Communication/Dissemination to stakeholders and SMEs for clarification is then undertaken and the requirements refined through an iterative process until ready for Validation/Sign-Off from stakeholders.

The Axxsys Target Process Modelling Service is available to industry clients including Asset Management, Wealth Management, Insurance companies, Pension Funds and Capital Markets. We work to create a baseline using the current process model, documenting key business processes, flows and pain points. We conduct a gap analysis, identifying redundant and missing processes and functions in the current process are identified, leading to a Target Process Model.