Business Review Service

Axxsys Business Review Service is offered across the industry including Asset Management, Wealth Management, Insurance companies, Pension Funds and Capital Markets. We help the client to maintain control of the business by addressing the overall objectives of efficient business control, risk mitigation and operational excellence. We cover all critical aspects of the business including:

  • Business Overview  – to create overview and daily monitoring of critical processes;
  • Operational Control – addressing practical challenges of efficient business processes;
  • Operational Risk Control – addressing operational risks across the business;
  • Regulatory Control – addressing regulatory obligations ensuring compliance;
  • Technology Control – controlling architectural and technical reorganisations and roll-outs;
  • Data Control – addressing Data Governance, client data protection and data security;
  • Change Control – managing system changes,  significant organisational and project changes;
  • Cost Control – managing cost, efficiency and outsourcing processes;
  • Financial Product Control – addressing operational risk and excellence for single products;
  • System Inside-Outs – examination of specific system use addressing risk, efficiency and cost.

The Product Control Service is based on the use of Axxsys Axxelerators™, including Axxsys Product Control methodology, guidelines and combination.