Operational Services

Over the life of any Asset Management software system, there will be maintenance projects, enhancements, new instrument types, new funds, and unforeseen issues. If not managed well, they can result in errors, disruption to the daily workflow and possible negative impact on the organisation’s performance.

OS gives your organisation guaranteed, rapid access to the appropriate skillset. As a result, technology issues can be resolved with minimal disruption to daily processes and workflow.

Your organisation can enjoy the efficiencies of a smaller operations team whilst mitigating the risk of key staff dependency.

Because we invest considerable resource in knowing buy-side technology and related best practice, we can execute projects quickly and cost-effectively for our clients. This frees up existing client resources to focus on their core operational processes and day-to-day value-chain.

The service is currently targeted at clients with the following applications/requirements:

  • SimCorp Dimension®
  • BlackRock/Aladdin
  • Linedata Beauchamp
  • Markit EDM
  • Charles River
  • eFront