With a packaged support solution Operational Services (OS) from Axxsys Consulting, an asset manager can manage its software platform needs quickly, expertly and in a cost-efficient manner. OS gives a fund direct access to technology expertise and project management skill – all in a uniquely flexible format that reduces both overhead and operational risk.

The service is based on our Operational Service model, but is tailored to suit the specific client. Axxsys realise that clients need different types of skill sets at different times to support the on-going usage of their financial software applications. Obtaining and retaining the appropriate level of expertise as and when needed, as well as planning for major or minor changes, have proven to be a challenge for many clients.

We have therefore found that creating a specialist pool of consultants with different areas of expertise is a cost efficient and useful service to the standard application client base. The consultancy skill sets cover Business Consultants with general Asset Management proficiency as well as Front, Middle and Back Office expertise and Technical Consultants with reporting and integration skill sets.