Development & Configuration

Axxsys Build Service is offered to clients across the Financial Services industry including Asset Management, Wealth Management, Insurance companies, Pension Funds and Capital Markets. We believe that whoever is building the final solution should possess extensive business and product knowledge in order to extract maximum benefit in the minimum time, ensuring that business requirements are delivered upon in a well-functioning system. Axxsys offers a range of build services across the entire organisational spectrum, providing expertise in Business Configuration, Integration Development and Technology/ Development Configuration.

The Build Service utilises Axxsys Axxelerators™, incorporating Axxsys standard best practice solutions for a broad suite of popular financial industry-leading products, developed through years of experience across dozens of clients. A typical Business Configuration build process will involve taking the finalised business requirements and building a prototype solution using existing Axxsys builds as a template. In close collaboration with our clients, the solution is refined through an agile process until it is ready to take to the testing phase of the project.

Axxsys are experts in a number of standard products including SimCorp Dimension®, MarkitEDM, eFront and Charles River (CRD).