Data Strategy

The financial industry is a data-driven business where data volumes and data requirements continue to grow exponentially. Across the industry, data is recognised as a strategic asset that can provide competitive advantage. Firms are investing in data and data quality to facilitate good investment decisions, deliver timely and accurate reports to clients, improve operational efficiencies, for regulatory reporting and mitigate risks.

Axxsys Data Strategy Service is offered across the industry including Asset Management, Wealth Management, Insurance companies, Pension funds and Capital Markets. Our starting point is that the firm’s data strategy should be business-driven and not technology-driven. It must align with the overall strategy, create value for the business and it must be flexible and actionable. In collaboration with the client, we create the Data Blueprint comprising Data Governance, Data Architecture, Data Management and Data Delivery.

The Data Strategy Service is based on the use of Axxsys Axxelerators™, including Axxsys standard data strategy methodology, guidelines and templates.