Data Security Management

The Axxsys Data Security Service includes the implementation and maintenance of policies, processes and systems to manage enterprise data risk. Our starting point is the critical factors for data security management:

  • Confidentiality – the protection of data from unauthorised parties;
  • Integrity – the protection of data from modification by unauthorised parties;
  • Availability – making data available to authorised parties.

We identify GAP’s and vulnerable spots in our client’s data, give recommendations and provide a action-plan.  Subsequently we design and implement a solution, providing your business applications with relevant Data Security Management, control, auditing and reporting.

  • Current-State assessment finding security risk and vulnerabilities, plan and recommendations;
  • Data Discovery i.e. identifying and mapping all sensitive data flows, data stores and processes;
  • Designing the DSMS i.e. governance, controls, policies and systems;
  • Tools for Surveillance, Analytics, Breach Reporting and Auditing;
  • Encryption of sensitive data across all business applications;
  • Controls – Consent Processing, Deletion/Erasure and blocking of malicious users;
  • Defining Standard Operating Procedures, and user training.