Data Migration

The Axxsys Data Migration Service provides a best practice solution to fully understand what data is being migrated, where it’s stored, what form it’s in and the form it will take at its new destination. The wealth of experience offered by our consultants will ensure data migration policies will be implemented and will fully test, validate and document the entire data migration process.

Axxsys’ Data Migration approach combined with our system expertise, technical know-how and solid business knowledge will be the key accelerators that will enable us to deliver a high-quality, timely and efficient migration solution to our client. We recommend a Migration Plan in coordination with company Change Programme that incorporates;

  • Analysis & Design – Data and Migration Design
  • Data Mapping between source/legacy and target systems(s)
  • Extraction of Data from Source/Legacy system
  • Conversion & Reformatting of extracted Data
  • Load of Source Data to the staging area and target systems
  • Migration Test
  • Tools and Scripts for validation and cleansing of Data

Our service is based on the Axxsys Axxelerator™ methodology, which is built around the extensive knowledge of the consultants and proven best practice guidelines developed on multiple successful data migration projects. We offer a comprehensive project plan, tools, detailed timelines, identify roadblocks and potential risk areas which will be fully evaluated prior to the commencement of the migration.