Data Architecture

The Axxsys Target Data Architecture (TDA) service will enable the target business architecture and Target Operating Model. We have a rigorous approach to the creation of the TDA and our process follows a number of logical steps leading up to creation of the TDA blueprint:

  • Capture Business Strategic vision and it’s Target Operating Model;
  • Develop Baseline Data Architecture Description;
  • Develop Target Data Architecture Description;
  • Identify GAP’s between Target and Baseline DA;
  • Define Roadmap, with new data components, priorities, cost, benefits and time-frames;
  • Analyse Impacts across the architectural landscape for business, technology and data;
  • Finalise the Data Architecture and Create Architecture Definition Documents & Artefacts.

We will represent both the baseline – and target data architecture with a number of documents and artefacts comprising catalogues of Data Entities/Data Components, Data Integrations, Data Entities/Data Components matrix, Application/Data matrix and finally a number of diagrams describing the Conceptual Data Model, Logical Data Model, Physical Data Model, Data Distribution, Data Lifecycles, Data Security, Data Management and Data Migration.