CRM & Distribution

The focus on Client Relationship Management and the seamless ability of a firm to communicate with the client on key performance information with respect to their holding has had a major shift in importance the last couple of years.

The problems of ensuring consistency of data in CRM systems, the aggregation and consistency of data from many disparate sources and timeliness of data from Administrators/Accounts is a problem represented amongst many parts of the investment lifecycle not just CRM/Distribution, but the effect is amplified when it comes to Client Relationship and Reporting.

Axxsys has had experience in resolving many Target Operating Model complications in data aggregation, client expectation on the way their fund performance can be represented and system technology landscape in the way an architecture can be put together to resolve some of these issues.

Our experience in the digital integration space to ensure seamless distribution of this information to clients in the new forms expected currently has been gained through significant engagements with some thought leaders in this space.