Technology Architecture

Axxsys offers a Business Architecture Service to describe your business model and end-to-end business processes, to ensure that they are clearly aligned to reaching your goal and support the needs of your organisation. We can then work with the client to identify and build the more appropriate structure maximising the potential of the priorities of your business. This service can be aligned and delivered as an integral part of our Target Operating Model (TOM) Service or separately as a service to further evaluate the operating structure in its present state and align this with future requirements and overall strategy.

Experienced Axxsys consultants will evaluate your specific requirements, assess and make strategic suggestions in close collaboration with the stakeholders, assisting with the development and roadmap for all key initiatives. Furthermore working closely together with the client to analyse the current process model and to create the target business architecture encompassing:

We will then determine and recommend the structure for each business area, forthcoming implementation or change project. The ideology of this service is based on the use of Axxsys Axxelerators™, which incorporate our standard methodology, templates, guidelines and analysis tools.