Business Case

Axxsys Business Case Service covers a full range of business case services from system selection, business capability improvements, in-sourcing/out-sourcing, to business cases for individual programmes and projects. We provide the service across many areas, including Data Management, Market Data, Front- Middle and Back Office and Regulatory Changes.

Our Business Case Service is based on the use of Axxsys Axxelerators™, including Axxsys standard methodology, business case templates, guidelines and analysis tools based on Axxsys standard TCO model for calculating Total Cost of Ownership & Return on Investment. The Axxsys Axxelerators™ in combination with our in-depth knowledge of business and technology, enables us to efficiently identify business options, to quantify costs and benefits, to assess risk and finally to determine roadmaps for each business option or initiative.

We have a modular approach to the business case creation, which is based around identifying the possible options and building a business case for each of the business options/initiatives. Our approach is tailored to meet our client’s specific needs, budget and culture.