Leveraging Technology for ESG Success: Enhancing Wealth Managers’ Appeal to Clients


ESG investing has gained significant momentum in recent years, driven by increased investor demand for responsible investments, enhanced awareness of climate change and socio-economic issues, and regulatory pressures on companies to disclose their ESG performance.

As interest in ESG investing grows and client expectations shift, wealth managers must adapt their product service offerings to include comprehensive ESG investing solutions to stay competitive in today’s market.


Understanding ESG regulations and frameworks

Interpreting the criteria that make up ESG regulations and frameworks in order to effectively incorporate them into investment decision-making and advisory processes. In addition, regulatory guidance across UK, EU, and USA is not harmonized.

ESG data

It can be difficult to gather accurate and comprehensive ESG data, which is necessary for identifying companies and investment products that align with clients’ ESG goals. As well as reporting consistent and reliable information about ESG factors in clients’ investment products, financial advice, and disclosures.

Incorporating ESG considerations into risk management and performance evaluation

Wealth managers must develop new methodologies for incorporating ESG factors into their existing risk assessment and performance measurement frameworks, as well as client reporting.

ESG integration in portfolio management platforms

Investment management solutions need to incorporate ESG factors into their platforms to facilitate the seamless integration of ESG analysis and decision-making.


Advancements in technology can assist wealth managers in analysing, selecting, and monitoring ESG investments, simplifying the integration of ESG criteria into their investment processes and client servicing models. Below we discuss five areas where an ESG approach can be incorporated into a wealth manager’s service offering.

ESG-focused client onboarding: Wealth managers can implement ESG-specific questions in their client onboarding process to better capture clients’ ESG preferences and risk appetites.

ESG data and research: Access comprehensive ESG research materials and data from specialist providers like MSCI, Arabesque, Sustainalytics, and Refinitiv. These platforms offer detailed information on ESG factors, risks, and scoring for companies and investment products, assisting wealth managers in making informed, responsible investment decisions.

Designing ESG-integrated investment strategies: – By understanding clients’ unique ESG goals, wealth managers can provide tailored investment recommendations. Wealth managers need to be able to integrate ESG-related investment data into their investment management processes e.g. model portfolios, asset allocations, portfolio construction.

ESG risk assessment and monitoring: Regularly assessing and reviewing the ESG risk exposure of clients’ portfolios to ensure alignment with their long-term goals, risk tolerance and asset allocation e.g. use of compliance rules and constraints.

Reporting on ESG progress and impact: Wealth managers should provide regular updates on the ESG performance of clients’ portfolios, including the impact of investments on ESG factors. Ensure consistency in ESG reporting and enhance credibility with clients.



  • Review of existing end-to-end ESG capabilities and processes – Review includes analysis of ESG-focused client onboarding, ESG data and analytics providers, ESG portfolio construction tools, risk management functions and client reporting.
  • ESG data and analytics sourcing – Consulting on which ESG market data sources would be best fit for your practice.
  • Consolidating ESG data – Axxsys’ Data integration team can assist in providing a consolidated view of your ESG data from various sources.
  • ESG client reporting – Axxsys’ Reporting team can assist in building bespoke ESG client reporting packs.
  • ESG technology implementation – Axxsys can provide assistance with any ESG technology-related challenges including analysis, consulting, and hands-on delivery with respect to design and implementation of end-to-end ESG functions and workflows.

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Blog Authors:

Dewald Veldsman, Senior Manager, Axxsys Consulting

Martin Tchernev, Senior Manager, Axxsys Consulting