SimCorp Dimension Services

Axxsys Consulting is a leading provider of SimCorp Dimension (SCD) services, and have substantial experience in serving the SCD client base across the globe. Axxsys has worked with a significant amount of the SCD client base since 2007, where we have provided services both on an advisory basis, working with the clients on their strategic initiatives, and provided solutions to assist these initiatives. On top of our change driven services, we also deliver maintenance services to clients existing SCD infrastructure including upgrade services. Axxsys provide Program/Project Managers, Business Analysts, SCD Consultants and Technical SCD Consultants.

Axxsys has a core team of experienced and certified consultants employed to deliver these services to Axxsys high standard of quality. Based on regional requirements, or specialist knowledge, we also use our extensive network of specialists located worldwide, to add flexibility to our services.  Our extensive experience of SCD gives us a unique position to advice clients on a multitude of areas to ensure they get tangible value from the product. We focus on diminishing the cost of ownership of SCD, while ensuring the highest quality of the applications configuration. We have a pragmatic approach to client engagement and solutions, working with and understanding the client business and culture to ensure the best solution.

SimCorp Dimension Services

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